We know how important it is that we have the right service information when you are in a new city. So we have prepared all Banja Luka visitors a small guide with important information as well as places that you must visit.

Exchange transactions

The official currency of the Republika Srrpska is Convertible Mark (KM), the exchange rate is fixed so for 1 euro you will get 1.95 KM, and you will get $ 1 for 1.45 km. In some places it is possible to make payments in euros, but our advice is to replace the foreign currency at a bank or in exchange office to avoid inconvenience.

Taxi and public transportation

Taxi rides are very common in Banja Luka. You can catch a cab on the street, or request a vehicle through telephone service center, which will refer you to the closest vehicle. Of course you need to know the address where you are. For example approximate price of taxi service for the relation : Bus(Train) Station – Hostel Room is 2 euros. while the drive from downtown to Hostel Room need to allocate 2.5 EUR. Below are phone numbers of taxi companies:

Banjalucki Taxi     1544
Euro Taxi             1555
Maxi Taxi             1551
A Taxi                  1500
Patrol Taxi           1533
Bel Taxi               1550
Mobil taxi             1566

In Banja Luka, public transportation is in function . Ticket price is 0.8 euros, valid for one ride and purchased from the driver. The lines that connects Hostel Room with city center are 13 and 13A.


Banja Luka can be reached by bus, train, plane or with your own transport. If you use your own transport it is important that you note that the parking charges in the city center are at a price of 0.5 euros per hour, or you can purchase a daypass which costs 2.5 EUR. Payment is made through vending machines placed near parking lots.Most of the parking lots are free of charge weekdays from 21:00 to 07:00 on Saturdays after 16:00 pm as well as on public holidays and Sundays. For all our guests, Hostel Room has provided free parking. In case you have an accident on the road, contact the Automobile Association of the Republic of Srpska phones 1285, +387 51301464 or +387 51322820

If you decide to come to Banja Luka,with some form of public transport,you’ll need the following informations:

Banja Luka Airport
Tel: +387 51 535 210

Bus Station
Tel: +387 51 922 000
(international reservations) +387 51 922 002

Train Station
Tel: +387(0)51 301 229

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