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Banja Luka is located in a green valley, surrounded by hills and forests, and intersected by the river Vrbas. It’s also is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers, but also for lovers of caving and mountaineering. Either you are a hunter or a fisherman here you will find a little paradise for you. In the following, we introduce a small part of what the Banja Luka provides. You can find more information on the pages of our blog.

Banj brdo(Šehitluci)

Ideal place after walking the Banja Luka’s streets is the resort spa. It is located on the south side of the city and it offers a wonderful panoramic view of the entire Banja Luka. The picnic is a memorial of Borderers killed in World War II. The monument is the work of a famous Yugoslav sculptor Anton Augustinčića, student of the world famous Ivana Meštrović. The excursion consists of a multitude of trails for walking and hiking, as well as summer houses decorated. Excursion Banj has several sources of fresh mountain water.


The story of this place begins in 1869 when the order of Catholic monks in a French monastery of Le Trappe received permission from the Ottoman Sultan to establish his monastery at this place, 7km away from the center of Banja Luka . Abbey has brought the name of Marija Zvijezda. This order of monks celebrated the renowned Trappist cheese, and here you can taste and buy trappist “Marija Zvijezda” Monks were known for making very good monastery unpasteurized beer and pasta. Trappists are brought to these areas of industrial revolution. This order of monks vow of silence and working in a short time they developed a textile, beer, cheese, pasta industry. They are also responsible for the construction of power plants, mills, bakeries, as well as brick and printing factories.

Vrbas river canyon and its surroundings

The canyon of the Vrbas river provides a variety of excursion options, eco and fishing tourism.We must mention rich fish stocks characterized by brown trout, grayling and saplings in the upper reaches, as well as barbel, carp, catfish, perch in the lower course of the river Vrbas. Vrbas River as a right tributary of the Sava divides Banja Luka in two and gives the city a special charm. One runs its course through karst landscapes and the thing falls, cascades and waterfalls, paving the way toward its confluence with the river Krupa and on to the river. The river flows from the river Krupa abyss, which is the larger part of its underground river. Legend has it that the river once flowed Krupa ”Strikinoj” cave, very interesting for speologe from around the world, as well as the entire karst landscape of canyon Kraška. Krupa is located 25 km south of Banja Luka, the place where the river Vrbas comes out of the canyon, where it joins with the Krupa river. At 2 km. of Krupa, there is a stone bridge that was made from sinble block of rock where the wind is its centenary activities made a hole and carved out structure of the bridge. There is also a Orthodox Monastery of St. Elijah from the thirteenth century and the wooden church from the XVI century. In this area there is a medieval town crest from the twelfth century. The Krupa is over 10 years organizing art colony “Šestić”, as well as international Sculptors’Colony “Krupa”

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